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Youth Group Meeting

Heroes of the Faith – Sunday, September 29

It’s hard for us to imagine that–even in this day–Christians in some other parts of the world suffer persecution for their faith.  Please plan to join us after the service on September 29th.  After packing the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, lunch will be served and then we will view a video about Richard Wurmbrand, a Lutheran pastor from Romania who was tortured for 8 years because he refused to give in to the communist regime and stop preaching God’s word.  Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know a modern-day hero of the faith and learn what led him to be the founder of “Voice of the Martyrs”.

September Sundaes


Friends, I’d like to invite you to come and enjoy an ice cream sundae or a root beer float with me on the evening of September 18.  Honestly, there’s no special reason for this event–only a chance to build up the fellowship of our church family.  Let’s just set aside a few minutes in the middle of the week to visit, chat, and pray together.  Mark your calendars and come to the Bethany Room around 7 PM.  I really hope you’ll come.

Pastor Dale