Starting Back To Church

Luther Rose

Gathered Worship Services to Resume May 24th

Dear Members and Friends,

After much deliberation the Church Council voted to resume in-person gathered worship services this Sunday, May 24th.  All recommended precautions will be followed to ensure everyone’s safety.

It must be said that not everybody is on the same page regarding the return to gathered services.  Some are ready to get back to church, while others are choosing to wait a few more weeks.  If you find yourself in the latter group feeling that you should stay home a while longer, please know that your fellow members understand completely and want you to do what you feel is best for you.  We will continue to send out the services by Email and live stream the services on Facebook so you can remain connected to your faith family.  (We have addressed the sound volume issues that we had last Sunday, so you should be able to hear the sermon.  Moreover, if you experienced buffering of the video while watching it live at 10 o’clock, try watching at 11, once it is fully uploaded.)

If you find yourself among those who want to get back to gathering for worship at this time, we welcome you to join us as we celebrate the Festival of the Ascension and we’ll be glad to see you.  We were not privileged to be together for Easter this year, but we hope your heart will share our joy as we celebrate our Lord’s glorious and victorious ascension into heaven.

Finally, for now, if you are like me, you are weighing in your mind, “Should I or shouldn’t I?”  Here are some questions to ask ourselves before we decide to go to church or stay home and read the Emailed service or watch the live streamed service:

  • Have I taken seriously the guidelines for protecting myself and others from the Coronavirus? (facial covering, physical distancing, hand washing, not touching the face, avoiding crowds, etc.  If I haven’t been taking the recommended precautions seriously, then—for my own well-being—I need to start taking them seriously, and—for the love of others—I need to stay away and not put others at risk.)
  • Am I feeling okay? (If I feel sick in any way, have a cough or sniffles, or have an elevated body temperature I need to stay home.)
  • Have I knowingly been exposed to the Coronavirus? (If I know that I’ve been around someone who has it, I need to self-quarantine until it is certain that I have not contracted the virus.)
  • Am I at higher risk because of my age or because of a physical health condition? (Friend, please take this seriously. I am amazed how many people are not. COVID-19 is highly contagious, and we should know if we are at higher risk.)

I want you to remember that, if for any reason we can’t be together right now, I am still here for you.  I keep you constantly in my prayers, and I want you to reach out to me by phone or Email.  We will see the end of this. The Lord has big plans for us.

The guidelines that we will be following can be viewed here.

Love to all,

Pastor Dale