Officers Elected/Installed

Four new members of the Church Council were installed at our Service last Sunday: They include Dan Hoffman, who was appointed by the Council to fill Anthony Kiefer’s term (Anthony had to resign because of his temporary relocation to Muncie). Also installed were Heidi Rudolph, Theodore Mowery, and Ron Werskey, who were elected at the Annual Congregational Meeting in January.

Thank you to those who have completed their terms on Church Council: Connor Becker, Douglas Wellman, and Bill Zurbrugg. We truly appreciate their years of service.

The following church officers were elected or re-elected at the last meeting of Church Council: Deb Kiefer, Chairperson; Ted Mowery, Secretary; Larry Campbell, Treasurer; Susan Bernard, Financial Secretary. Thank you to Ian Webb for his service as Chairperson (term limited to 2 consecutive years per the congregation’s constitution).